Dolphin attacks increase around Japan’s Suishohama beach, causing alarm

Picture courtesy of Arielle Allouche, Unsplash.

A recent dolphin attack on tourists in the town of Mihama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, caused widespread alarm. The incident happened yesterday, when four beachgoers, including a man in his sixties and another in his forties, were attacked by dolphins near Suishohama beach – the first sustaining bites to his hand and broken ribs, the latter suffering arm bites.

The overall tally of such events in Fukui has now reached six this year, triggering local authorities to swiftly install warning signs and caution the public against interacting with dolphins, BBC reported.

Scientists have suggested that swimming near humans is highly stressful for wild bottlenose dolphins. The unnatural presence of tourists disrupts the behavioural routines of these creatures, according to evidence.

Dolphins aren’t usually hostile toward humans. However, this isn’t the first instance where dolphins have assaulted swimmers. Rewinding back to 2013, in Ireland, two women were injured by a dolphin, with one suffering broken ribs as a result of the attack. A year later, a similar scenario unfolded, where five swimmers required rescue from the Irish coast following an aggressive encounter with a dolphin.

Six days ago, an American holidaymaker had a horrendous experience when she was ferociously attacked by a shark while snorkelling near Mosquera islet, located off the enchanting Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The 42 year old woman noticed her surrounding waters turning crimson as she became the victim of a dreadful shark attack. To read more click HERE.

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