Bangkok student’s offensive gesture triggers backlash: Netizens condemn racism and lack of respect toward black teacher

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A video of a rude Bangkok student raising her middle fingers to a black teacher has been condemned by Thai netizens. The student in the video, her friend, and her friend’s racist mother were also slammed by netizens for their disrespectful behaviour and racial discrimination.

The video was initially posted on Instagram by a student from a high school in the Nong Chock district of Bangkok. The video caption stated…

“Friend, don’t feel like studying, huh?”

In the video, a student girl in a pink shirt is seen standing in front of the class behind her black teacher while the teacher is conducting a lesson for the rest of the pupils. The student pretended to punch the teacher behind her back and closed her face with two hands when her teacher turned her back to her.

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But that’s not all. When the teacher turned to face the class, the obnoxious student raised two middle fingers at the teacher. She repeated this gesture twice before finally returning to her seat.

Following its viral spread, the video was eventually deleted from the original Instagram account. However, it was soon reposted on Twitter, garnering even more attention from Thai social media users. Netizens condemned the student’s lack of manners.

“Is raising a middle finger considered insulting? The teacher could take legal action against her. If you don’t care about your own reputation and dignity, at least think about your school and parents.”

“Please share content that reflects an educated mindset and contributes good things for society.”

“You throw trash behaviour at the black teacher who intends to provide knowledge to you. The teacher has to carry her bad feeling for months. I believe that this is not the first time. She must have done this kind of behaviour before. Have your parents and school ever taught you about manners, honour, and bullying? Maybe, you have never remembered what they taught.”

Kapook reported that the teacher saw the student’s rude behaviour.

A friend of the student who also uploaded the clip on Twitter apologised for posting the video. However, the netizens did not forgive what they did and suggested they apologise directly to the teacher.

Some students begged netizens to forgive them and delete the video. Several Thai Twitter users were not happy with the student’s friends insisting they should have stepped forward and discouraged such inappropriate behaviour.

The mother of the student who uploaded the clip to Twitter defended her daughter before exploding into a racist rant.

“This is not my daughter’s fault. She (the teacher) is a fool but dares to teach my daughter. Look at you, Ngo Pa (Negrito). My daughter told me about her. She said her teacher is stupid and should go back to the jungle.”

According to the students, they would apologise to the teacher today and would share the video of the apology on Twitter later.

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