DeSantis announces presidential bid with Musk in live Twitter event

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to announce his challenge for the Republican party’s 2024 presidential nomination, presenting his ultra-conservative record as a potential blueprint for the nation. The announcement will be made during a live Twitter event with the platform’s owner, Elon Musk.

“I will be interviewing Ron DeSantis and he has quite an announcement to make,” Musk confirmed, promising the event on Twitter spaces would be unscripted with “real-time questions and answers.” “It’s going to be live. Let it rip.”

DeSantis has been building his conservative credentials as Florida’s governor, signing 80 new state laws this spring, many targeting “woke indoctrination” in schools and public institutions. These laws include a ban on discussing gender identity and sexual orientation in schools, a block on funding for diversity and inclusion promotion at public universities, and one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

However, the 44 year old’s official launch comes as his ratings have declined, despite his legislative wins in Florida. DeSantis faces a considerable polling gap, with former President Trump leading by nearly 40%, despite Trump’s indictment on felony financial charges and being found liable for sexual abuse in a New York civil trial.

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DeSantis enters the campaign with a significant cash advantage over his rivals and a strong turnout at recent campaign events. Never Back Down, a super PAC supporting the governor has a ground operation in most early nominating states and plans to expand, reports Bangkok Post.

Though DeSantis has been reaching out to the national press and local reporters on campaign stops, he will be making his announcement on social media with Musk, sidestepping traditional media outlets. The Trump and DeSantis camps have been competing for political endorsements from state lawmakers, with Florida’s congressional delegation heavily favouring Trump.

DeSantis has refrained from retaliating against Trump’s attacks on his record, character, and fitness for office, instead focusing on avoiding a bitter fight with the former president’s most ardent supporters. The former naval officer and congressman have been working to improve his personal touch with supporters, staying behind after speaking engagements for autographs and photos.

DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, has been helping to soften her husband’s image by emphasising his qualities as a family man. The Florida governor has been preparing for his White House bid by promoting his memoir, “The Courage to be Free,” and making multiple stops in influential Republican primary contest states, such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

“If we make 2024 a referendum on Joe Biden and his failures and we provide a positive alternative for the future of this country, Republicans will win across the board,” DeSantis said during a visit to Sioux Center, Iowa.

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