Crocodile attack in Odisha river claims life of woman doing laundry

Image by sergey mishakov from Pexels.

A shocking incident unfolded in Odisha, India, when a woman from the village of Palatpur, was attacked by a crocodile while washing clothes in the Brahmani River. The predator inflicted fatal injuries on Yosana Jena, tossing her body nearly 4 metres into the air before consuming her. The horrifying event, which took place on August 16, was captured in a video that has since sent shockwaves through the local community.

Yosana Jena was peacefully carrying out her laundry chores by the river when the crocodile ambushed her. The video clip, shot from the opposite riverbank, revealed the brown crocodile holding Jena in its jaws, tearing at her body. The onlookers could only watch helplessly as the crocodile began to eat its victim.

Crocodile attack
Image screenshot from OTV, YouTube.

As if the horrific scene was not enough, the crocodile subsequently tossed Jena’s body into the air before continuing its attack. The woman’s body was later discovered floating in the river by fellow villagers. They managed to retrieve her body from the river without any additional incidents, reported KhaoSod Online.

Crocodile attack
Image screenshot from OTV, YouTube

The terrifying event has left the local community in shock and mourning. Several villagers expressed their concern over the dangers lurking in the waters of Odisha State. One resident emphasised the urgency of the situation, and said…

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“This is crucial for officials and the local community to work together to devise strategies to mitigate risks, ensure the safety of the people residing in this region, and urgently and comprehensively address the tragic loss of life from various wildlife.”

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