Colombian woman ends 20-year affair with ghost after she sees his ugly face

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A Colombian woman revealed her 20-year love affair with a ghost ended when she finally saw its ugly face. The woman, Paula Flores, shared her supernatural love story on the national TV show Sin Carreta, broadcasted on Canal 1.

Flores revealed that her relationship with the ghost began during her childhood and led to romantic nights together for two decades. Flores even claimed that the ghost always initiated their encounters.

“One day I was lying in bed and felt a hand moving from my foot towards my chest. It was really strange. I was scared, but since then, he started visiting me. It felt like a spirit having sexual intercourse with me.”

The Columbian woman admitted that she enjoyed the nightly passionate activities, until the day she saw the ghost’s ugly face.

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“The last time I saw his face was when I decided I didn’t want to continue.”

The Columbian woman described the ghost as a large man with fangs and a face resembling a gargoyle, leading her to decide she no longer wanted any contact with him.

Numerous psychologists have commented on Flores’ story, describing it as an unusual case because there are many cases associated with demons.

Some believe her ghost story is credible and that she may have had a relationship with an incubus, a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women, reported Sanook.

After the Columbian woman’s ghost story was publicised, people have had various reactions. Some believe the Columbian woman, while others are sceptical.

“It must be a satanic spirit for sure.”

“Tell her it’s a neighbour with a hole in his bedsheet.”

“That spirit is no saint.”

With people’s opinions divided and the debate ongoing, Flores’ unusual love story has certainly stirred a mix of disbelief, humour, and intrigue. But whether you believe in the supernatural or not, her tale of a two-decade-long relationship with a spirit is undeniably a unique one.

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