Codeshare deal between Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways

PHOTO: Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways ink an expanded codeshare deal. (via YouTube)

A strategic partnership expansion was just signed between Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways. The two airlines have had a partnership for years, as both are members of the Star Alliance network, but the new deal will allow them to codeshare more flights to offer each of their customers more variety when travelling in Southeast Asia and the world.

Codesharing is a common method for airlines to increase their reach by using one plane operated by one airline, but with flight numbers designated for a variety of partner airlines. Many airlines farm out their connecting domestic flights to bring their customers around the destination country. In Thailand, a good example is Bangkok Airways. They currently have codeshare agreements with 27 other international airlines to bring passengers arriving in Bangkok to destinations like Koh Samui or Phuket.

The first phase of the new Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines partnership will see codeshare flights increasing between the airline’s respective hubs of Singapore and Bangkok, according to Japan Today. Long-haul flights will get the codeshare treatment next, once the deal receives regulatory approvals, expected sometime in the first quarter of 2023.

At that point, Singapore Airlines will allow Thai Airways to codeshare their long-haul flights to the United States, Canada, and South Africa. Flights to and from the American hubs of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Houston will be operated by Singapore Airlines but codeshared by Thai Airways. Likewise, flights from Vancouver in Canada and Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa will share the co-branding.

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These routes are expected to be the start of a vast codeshare agreement between the two airlines to increase connectivity within Thailand and Singapore, as well as in Europe, the Southwest Pacific, and India. The acting CEO of Thai Airways praised the benefits of the new agreement.

“Thai and Singapore Airlines have shared a long-term relationship, and I am glad that this cooperation between the two airlines will certainly cater for the demand of travellers between Thailand, Singapore, and beyond. It will also enable the expansion of Thai’s network to more service points in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Europe, India, and South West Pacific routes. The codeshare arrangements will greatly benefit our customers in a range of service areas including the frequent flyer programme, customer experiences, lounge access, and airport ground services. The collaboration strengthens both the airlines’ networks as members of Star Alliance.”

The CEO of Singapore Airlines agreed, calling the new codeshare deal a win-win situation.

“SIA and Thai Airways International have had a close relationship for many years, which we aim to strengthen through this comprehensive agreement. Both airlines have a loyal customer base, as well as extensive operations within South East Asia and around the world. This is a win-win opportunity to support the growth of our respective hubs and enhance the options and service offerings for our customers.”

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