Climate change activist smears cream on Mona Lisa painting at Louvre

PHOTO: Twitter/@klevisl007

A visitor to the Louvre Museum in Paris has attacked the world-famous Mona Lisa painting, having disguised himself as an elderly lady in a wheelchair. The man, believed to be a climate change activist, jumped out of the wheelchair and tried to smash the glass protecting the painting, according to a Reuters report.

The painting was reportedly undamaged, but the perpetrator did manage to smear cream across the glass, before being tackled by security staff. The incident is believed to be an environmentalist PR stunt. The man, who was wearing a wig, yelled out in French as he was being led away from the gallery.

“Think of the earth, people are destroying the earth.”

A number of videos of the stunt have surfaced on social media, with one showing a Louvre employee cleaning the glass protecting the iconic painting, while the person who made the video describes what happened.

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“Maybe this is just nuts to me… He then proceeds to smear cake on the glass, and throws roses everywhere before being tackled by security.”

Another video shows another Louvre worker removing a wheelchair that had been left in front of the Da Vinci masterpiece, while his colleague continues to clean the painting.

SOURCE: Reuters

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