Liver fluke: Chinese woman discovers severe infection due to family’s raw fish habit

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A Chinese woman’s seemingly minor illness eventually unravelled significant health threats resulting from the family’s unhygienic culinary practices. Despite not consuming raw fish herself, the woman became infected with parasites due to the lack of separation of cutting utensils for raw and cooked foods, resulting in the unfortunate diagnosis of liver fluke.

Fifty-eight-year-old Lu, from a city in China’s Guangxi region, frequently complained of sporadic chest and abdominal pain, vomited severely and ultimately sought medical help. After examination, doctors noticed an extreme enlargement of Lu’s bile duct, suggesting an infection. Further treatment revealed the existence of a liver fluke, the culprit behind her symptoms.

When questioned further, it was discovered that her family enjoyed consuming raw fish. Even though she did not eat it herself, at home they did not separate the cutting boards used for raw and cooked food, which is likely the cause of this infection, said her physicians.

Liver fluke infection, if not severe, may demonstrate no clinical signs. However, prolonged serious infection can lead to various complications such as inflamed bile duct and gallstones. If left untreated, there is a risk of liver abscess, hardened liver, and even liver cancer, reported Sanook.

The report stated that the primary prevention of liver fluke infection is by maintaining cleanliness in food preparation. Second, cultivating good hygiene habits where boards and knives for cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits should be separated and regularly disinfected is significant.

Amid an alarming surge in unhygienic food practices, an incident involving a Thai woman has highlighted the critical importance of food safety. Following her visit to a buffet, the woman endured a distressing ordeal as she experienced severe allergic reactions to chemicals present in the food.

Overwhelmed by the pain and discomfort, she decided to share her unfortunate experience on social media, reaching out to the public about the seriousness of food safety. Read more HERE.

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