Marital web of deception: Chinese woman’s hidden pregnancy spins a twisted tale of love

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In a surprising turn of events within a Chinese marriage, a 27 year old woman from China weaved a crooked web of deception by concealing her pregnancy from her fiancé and deceiving him into marrying her. The 40 year old man from Hengyang in Hunan Province, found himself facing a challenging dilemma upon discovering the truth. Initially, he resisted the idea of seeking a divorce, due to his deep affection for his Chinese wife and his lack of confidence in finding another life partner. However, he eventually realized that continuing the marriage was not a viable solution.

Wang, the 40 year old husband, first encountered his future wife, Lou, through a village matchmaker. Despite their notable 13-year age difference, their love blossomed, leading them to tie the knot. Lou, having experienced a failed marriage previously, found comfort in Wang’s understanding and sought to build a nurturing relationship with him.

However, shortly after their marriage, Lou declined any intimate relations with Wang. Feeling disenchanted, Wang sought work away from home to provide for their family while Lou returned to her mother’s house. Several months passed, and Lou gave birth to a son, a realization that left Wang bewildered since they had never consummated their marriage, Sanook reported.

Despite Wang’s initial reluctance to divorce due to his love for his Chinese wife and apprehension about finding another partner, he eventually came to terms with the reality of Lou’s past relationships. The couple mutually agreed to separate, with Wang demanding 480,000 baht (US$14,000) from Lou as compensation for the emotional and physical pain endured throughout their five-year marriage.

Lou, however, argued that the requested amount exceeded her financial capacity. After engaging a mediator’s assistance, they reached a compromise, and Lou agreed to pay Wang 97,000 baht (US$2,800) as compensation.

Lou isn’t the only Chinese woman weaving a crooked web of deception. Yesterday, a surprising DNA test revelation left a Chinese man seeking legal justice after discovering his daughter was not biologically his, but shared a blood connection. This led to a court case exploring infidelity and damages. Read more about the story HERE.

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