Toddler’s school tears alleviated by sibling’s comforting hug in viral video

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A two year old girl’s continuous crying at school left her mother stressed but a single video shared by the teacher of the girl’s brother giving her a hug brought unexpected relief.

The 32 year old mother revealed her struggle on a parenting forum, explaining how her daughter’s daily crying bouts at school in Hangzhou, China, left her feeling helpless and drained.

The mother, who has two children – a five year old boy and a two year old girl, decided to send her daughter to the same school as her son for convenience. Unlike her older brother, the two year old girl found it difficult to adjust to the new environment and cried nearly every day for a week, often leading her parents to pick her up early. Despite the emotional strain, the mother remained persistent, hoping her daughter would soon adjust.

Despite many attempts to soothe her daughter’s crying, the mother found no success until an unexpected saviour emerged, her five year old son. A video clip, captured by the teacher, showed the distressed toddler running into another classroom in search of her elder brother who then comforted her with a hug and rub on the head. This touching scene left the mother speechless and tearful with joy as she saw her son’s maturity and her daughter’s reliance on her elder sibling.

Now, the mother feels that her decision to have two children, despite the challenges, was the best decision of her life. Children in a family learn to love, protect, and share their joys and sorrows, living responsibly with their siblings.

The mother added that her daughter has gained more confidence and familiarity with the school environment since her brother’s comforting gesture. She is now more assured when going to school, knowing her elder brother is with her in the same school. This has significantly eased the mother’s worries about her daughter’s emotional state.

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