Brother’s heart wrenching farewell to bride sister stirs emotions in China

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An emotionally charged wedding ceremony took place in the Anhui Province of China, where a brother was caught in a tearful farewell to his sister, the bride. The brother, having grown up alongside his sister, struggled to accept her moving away from their home.

The groom, a native of Shanxi province, had met the bride during their university years. After maintaining a long-distance relationship for several years, they decided to start a family together. The parents on both sides had no objections, and the wedding proceeded smoothly.

After the ceremony at the bride’s home, the couple prepared to travel to the groom’s house. However, the bride noticed her brother was missing and found him in tears. She patiently waited for him to let out his emotions through his tears.

Despite over ten minutes of crying, the brother’s tears only intensified. As others tried to console him, his crying became even more uncontrollable. The groom was equally shocked and promised to take good care of his wife and bring her home often to see the family. The bride also tried to stop her brother’s tears from her seat in the car. When he still couldn’t calm down

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she softly said…

“I’ve been beating you since you were a kid. Are you still not beaten enough? I’m not going away forever. Why would a grown man cry?”

Her straightforward words, containing a hint of threat, were enough to stop the brother’s tears immediately. The guests, initially in disbelief, burst into laughter. Perhaps in this family, the older sister was the only one who could control her younger brother.

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