Shanghai doctor refuses to consult queue-jumping patient, sparking online debate

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In a shocking incident that unfolded in a Shanghai hospital, a patient was reprimanded by a doctor for failing to register and attempting to jump the queue for consultation. The incident sparked a heated debate online after it was recorded and shared widely.

The offending party was reportedly asked politely for their registration number by the doctor. The patient responded nonchalantly, stating that they had not registered for a consultation. The doctor responded to this by instructing the patient to register by the rules before they could either consult or receive advice from a health professional based on queue order, reported Sanook.

He then continued with an easy-to-understand explanation, stating…

“There are many patients here. Everyone queues up properly. Some have been waiting since morning. So, you can’t come in and skip the queue like this.”

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Instead of acknowledging their blunder, the patient came up with the excuse that they were “very hungry” and wanted to hurry up and see the doctor so they could go eat. The doctor, upon hearing this explanation, became even more irate, directly retorting back…

“If you’re hungry, stay at home. Don’t come to see a doctor!”

After the video of the incident went viral online, it became a hot topic among netizens. Here are a few comments seen under the video:

“I encounter this frequently, people trying to sneak in for a consultation without registering themselves.”

“Skipping the queue is terrible, regardless of the reasons.”

“I like doctors like this.”

“Registering and getting into the patient queue are the most basic things.”

Last year, the family of a three year old boy filed a complaint to the police after a male doctor slapped the child in the face and refused to give him treatment. The doctor said he refused to treat the boy because he had insulted him. To read more click HERE.

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