Man abandoned by family starves to death in Guangdong

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A shocking incident unfolded in Guangdong province, China, when a man named A (pseudonym), suffering from a severe illness, was abandoned by his wife and daughter, leading to his tragic death.

A, a resident of Foshan City, Guangdong, China, lived a content life with his wife and daughter until he became bedridden in early 2018. Neighbours often heard his wife’s harsh curses, as A suffered from a severe stroke leading to paralysis of half of his body. Despite extensive hospital treatment, his condition did not improve, causing financial strain on the family.

Being a construction worker with limited education, A could not afford the mounting medical bills. His wife, a supermarket employee, and their school-going daughter could barely meet their daily expenses. Initially, the wife cared for A but gradually grew tired and started to abuse him, both verbally and physically.

One day, their 18 year old daughter returned home to find her mother silently staring at A with a terrifying expression. Sensing her mother’s intentions, she begged her not to harm A as he was already suffering greatly. This incident seemed to end the terrifying thoughts, and it appeared that the family situation would improve. However, as days passed, the family situation worsened, and all hope was lost. The daughter began to share her mother’s thoughts about A.

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One night, the mother and daughter packed their belongings and left the house, locking A inside. Neighbours assumed they had taken A to the hospital. Eight days later, A’s sister, not being able to contact her brother, broke into the house only to find his deceased body.

The disarray of furniture around him suggested a struggle before his death. The autopsy confirmed starvation as the cause of death, leading to the arrest and prosecution of A’s wife and daughter, reported Sanook.

The court sentenced A’s wife to four years in prison and his daughter to three years, along with three years of probation. In China, the act of intentional abandonment of children, the elderly, disabled, or seriously ill individuals by their legal guardians is considered a crime.

In this case, A’s wife and daughter abandoned him, leaving him alone and starving to death, which constituted abandonment. Their intention to abandon A, knowing that he would be in danger without care, was apparent, leading to their conviction.

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