Love story unfolds: Chinese woman marries firefighter who saved her life

Photo: Sanook.

A compelling love story unfolded between a firefighter and a woman who was on the brink of committing suicide. Despite the initial circumstances appearing dismal, their paths crossed, proving that anything can happen in this world.

Recently, an apartment building in Fuzhou, China became the scene of a gripping incident. A woman stood precariously on the ledge, contemplating ending her life. As she hesitated, emergency services arrived at the scene, scrambling to save her life.

The woman panicked as the rescue workers approached, slipping from the ledge but managing to catch hold of the edge. This desperate act demonstrated her underlying will to live. Immediately, a rescuer rushed to firmly hold her hand.

Numerous rescue workers sprang into action. While the one on the ledge held her hand, another extended out of a window below to firmly grasp her leg. Yet, the situation remained precarious, with a single misstep potentially leading to a fatal fall.

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Meanwhile, as four rescuers held onto the woman’s lower body to pull her through the window, an orange-suited lifeguard inadvertently pulled down her trousers. Without hesitation, he used his hand to support her buttocks, preventing her from falling.

This quick-thinking action saved the woman’s life, with the entire rescue operation being filmed and shared on social media by residents in the opposite building.

Suicide rescue

The duty of a rescuer is to do everything possible to save lives, disregarding any potential embarrassment between genders. In truth, for these heroes, saving lives is their job and responsibility, much like doctors.

Their hearts are calm as water, not distinguishing between men and women, harbouring no ill intentions.

Three months following the dramatic event, the woman, who once intended to end her life, revealed that she had accidentally fallen in love with the rescuer who saved her.

Along with a wedding video showing the couple happily holding hands, the morale of the rescue team who saved her three months ago was also evident, reported Sanook.

While the couple did not disclose further details about their love story, many netizens speculated that the woman’s fragile psyche, in need of support, may have been warmed by the positive attitude of the young rescuer.

Subsequently, they may have developed mutual feelings, creating a catalyst for more learning and sharing.

Netizens react

“I’m glad to hear such a cute love story. This woman must be so much better after meeting her current husband. I wish them everlasting happiness.”

“The lifeguard became a ray of light that dispelled the darkness in the woman’s heart. I don’t know what she’s been through, but I hope she trusts her life more and lives a healthy life with her loved one.”

“I am a rather pessimistic person, so I understand how much sadness that woman must have felt to choose such a foolish way. But everything bad is over now, and love is blossoming. I wish them happiness forever.”

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