Five dead, 15 injured in collision ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival

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A tragic multi-vehicle collision on an expressway in Guangxi’s autonomous region, in the city of Wuzhou, China, resulted in the unfortunate death of five individuals, with a further 15 sustaining injuries. The incident occurred in the early hours of September 27, local time, as reported by local law enforcement.

The authorities are currently conducting a swift investigation to determine the cause of the incident, which involved numerous cars.

Online visuals depict several vehicles in a severely damaged state on the Guangfozhao Expressway. Additionally, a video clip showed an ambulance and police car navigating through stationary traffic within a tunnel, presumably en route to the collision scene.

This incident surprisingly took place just before the long holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, starting today, September 29 and culminating a few days later on October 1, China’s National Day.

This year, the holidays were extended till October 6, prompting an influx of people travelling back home and embarking on holiday trips during this period. Consequently, the roads were heavily congested, which potentially increased the risk of accidents.

In images shared on social media, multiple cars can be seen on the Guangfozhao Expressway, with at least two of them severely damaged, Khaosod reported.

Another shared video showed an ambulance and fire engine driving through standstill traffic in a tunnel, presumably heading towards the accident site.

In related news, a bus with faulty brakes caused a massive pile-up involving 14 vehicles on Rama II Road, resulting in numerous injuries. The crash occurred at 8am Tuesday, September 26.

The incident led to severe traffic congestion as the damaged vehicles blocked all four lanes of the road. Upon arriving at the accident scene, officers from Bang Mod Police Station observed several damaged vehicles scattered across the road, causing a total blockade. Read more of this story HERE.

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