LINE to LY-nk with Yahoo Japan: App’s big transformation creates a buzz

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Starting from Sunday, the widely-used application LINE is set to undergo a significant transformation as it merges with Yahoo Japan, resulting in a name change to LY. The announcement of these substantial changes has generated quite a buzz among users.

In light of this merger, LINE will integrate into Yahoo Japan and adopt the new identity of LY Corporation.

As a result of this corporate merger, various LINE Official Account providers will rebrand themselves as LY Corporation, effective from Sunday, October 1. It’s worth noting that some delays may occur in the transition process due to system operations.

For most users, there will be no noticeable alterations or announcements from their official accounts unless there are changes in the service provider’s name. Any such changes will be communicated individually by the respective official accounts.

Official accounts making the transition from LINE to LY Corporation encompass a range of services, including TH-EN Translator (@linethen), TODAY Entertainment (@enttoday), GIFTSHOP Notice (@linegiftshopnoti), LINE STORE (@linestoreth), LINE TODAY (@linetodayth), LINE TH Help Center (@linehelpth), LINE Weather (@lineweather-th), LINE MELODY (@linemelodyth), MyShop (@linemyshop), LINE POD Thailand (@linepodth), MyShop Notice (@myshopnotice), LINE MELODY Notice (@linemelodynotice), Verified Resellers (@verifiedresellers), and LINE Wallet TH (@linewalletthailand).

It’s important to note that if you use other official accounts provided by LINE in countries or regions outside Thailand, the service provider’s name for these official accounts will also be modified.

This groundbreaking shift in the digital landscape is aimed at introducing a fresh corporate identity while upholding the high-quality service standards that LINE users have grown accustomed to.

Indeed, this marks a new era for the company as it embarks on this journey, merging with one of the Internet’s giants, Yahoo Japan. As LY Corporation, they are well-positioned to deliver a seamless and enhanced user experience while preserving the essence that has made LINE a household name.

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