Elderly woman with horn-like growth on head sparks debate about ‘longevity symbol’

Woman with horn-like growth on head, photo via Sanook.

A video of an elderly Chinese woman with a horn-like growth on her head sparked a debate over the so-called “longevity symbol.”

A video of a 107 year old woman from Guangdong province, China, has become the talk of the town after it was revealed that she has a horn-like growth on her head. Netizens have commented on the video, calling the growth a “symbol of longevity.” However, a retired surgeon has come forward to explain that the woman suffers from a skin condition and has advised the family to seek medical help at a hospital.

A video of the centenarian, featuring the unusual protrusion on her head, was shared widely online, sparking heated debates and exchanges among netizens. The original post mentioned that the elderly woman had the growth on her head for many years, but experienced no pain or discomfort. Because of this, some users praised it as a “symbol of longevity.”

However, Bai Yichanmou, a retired surgeon from Zhejiang province, later revealed the truth behind the bizarre growth and provided information about the case on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. He said that the growth was, in fact, a cutaneous horn, a skin condition where a keratin-based, horn-like projection grows on the skin, and could appear in various sizes and shapes. The condition is predominantly seen in men over 40 years old, but can also occur in females, as evidenced by the elderly lady. Alarmingly, the presence of cutaneous horns can sometimes indicate an underlying malignancy.

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The retired surgeon urged the woman’s family to take her to a hospital’s dermatology department for further examination. Specialists would then determine whether surgical intervention was necessary to remove the growth.

In response to the advice, netizens now urge the family to heed the surgeon’s advice to ensure proper care and treatment for the 107 year old. The incident has sparked discussions on the importance of accurate information and medical expertise when it comes to unusual health matters.

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