Chinese man treks 2,000 km to play prayer on speaker at Buddha statue

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A 27 year old Chinese man embarked on a 2,000-kilometre journey to make his dreams a reality by visiting a giant Buddha statue carrying a large Airpod-shaped speaker to amplify his prayers to the deity. The man, named Zhang, posted a video on social media on April 25, showing him holding the large speaker next to the ear of the Leshan Giant Buddha, a 71-metre-tall statue located on Mount Leshan in Sichuan province of China. Zhang even increased the volume on his phone, hoping that the deity would hear his requests clearly, as he shouted out his heartfelt desires.

“Do you know, I’m 27 years old and I don’t have a car, a house or a girlfriend… First of all, I want to be rich. I don’t want much, just 10 million yuan (about 49 million baht) will be enough. Most importantly, I want a lovely and gentle girlfriend who loves me more than my 10 million!”

Zhang also revealed that after experiencing misfortune due to “Mercury retrograde” in his life, he decided to purchase the speaker from an e-commerce platform and spent 12 hours over one weekend travelling from Jiangsu province in eastern China to the south-western region of the Sichuan province to pay respects to the Leshan Giant Buddha.

Visiting temples and worshipping deities have become popular among young people in China to escape the increasing pressures of life. This audacious style of prayer by Zhang has gone viral, bringing delight to many individuals in the online world. Some people commented…

“Between relying on others and relying on oneself, he chose to rely on Buddha.”

“Is it possible that he put the headphones on the wrong side, and the Buddha didn’t hear his requests?”

The young man’s unique approach to seeking blessings and his determination to journey thousands of kilometres to the statue has captured the attention of many.

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