Eight year old girl receives diamond necklace from classmate in Valentine’s surprise

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An eight year old girl was gifted a diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day by a classmate, leaving her mother shocked at both the extravagant gift and the subsequent refusal by the boy’s parents to reclaim it. The incident occurred in Yiyang City, Hunan Province, China.

The local media reported that on February 14 this year, the young girl returned from school wearing a necklace. Initially, her mother, Tang, disregarded it as a simple child’s toy. However, upon closer inspection, she realised the necklace appeared to be genuine. When questioned, the child explained that it was a Valentine’s gift from her classmate.

She initially declined the gift but the boy insisted on giving it to her and refused to take it back. Tang was astonished to learn that her eight year old daughter had received such an ostentatious Valentine’s gift. Despite her amusement, she felt the need to return the necklace.

She contacted the boy’s parents only to find out that the necklace was indeed real and worth a staggering 20,000 yuan (100,000 baht), made of platinum and diamonds.

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What shocked Tang even more was the revelation that the boy had taken his mother’s necklace without her knowledge to gift it to the girl he liked. The boy’s parents seemed unconcerned and casually remarked that “a gift given is not easy to take back,” Tang revealed.

“I took a picture and called the boy’s mother, telling her that her son had given my daughter the necklace. When she told me the price, I knew it was too expensive. I said I would return it tomorrow, but she kindly said it was alright. The gift has been given, it is not convenient to take it back.”

Necklace return

Tang decided to personally return the necklace the next day when she took her daughter to school. She also took the opportunity to reiterate to her daughter the rules of accepting gifts from others. The daughter responded by pointing out that her mother had only warned her not to accept gifts from strangers, not classmates, reported Sanook.

The story attracted a lot of attention on social media sites, with netizens expressing surprise at the extravagant gift from the boy and the attitude of the boy’s parents. Many also praised Tang’s handling of the situation.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve never received a gift as valuable as this. I feel more failed than an eight-year-old kid.”

“While I’m 30 and struggling, an eight-year-old girl gets a hefty Valentine’s gift. Life is so unfair.”

“This boy knows what he’s doing. He’s reserving his seat ahead of the fierce competition in the future.”

“The boy’s parents are also very open-minded. But anyway, I admire how the girl’s mother handled this.”

“Do primary school students give Valentine’s gifts now? I’m a sophomore and don’t have a girlfriend. My living allowance is so meagre, I can’t afford to buy gifts.”

“Is the boy’s mother very kind? I want to know if the family has a brother.”

“Look, adults usually make false promises, but children give real without saying much.”

“Eight years old and she’s got a diamond necklace. I’m 28 and no one’s given me any.”

“This little girl was well taught. She didn’t accept the boy’s gift but was forced to. Her mother is also very good, deciding to return it successfully.”

“Didn’t anyone notice that the boy’s mother is also cute? And the boy has a very distinctive personality. He gives the necklace like a reservation. He must marry her in the future for sure.”

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