Red skirt revelation: Chinese man unravels wife’s mysterious attire, unlocking life-altering secret

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A Chinese man named Zhang Yu, noticed his wife, Li Ting, consistently donning a red skirt each time he returned from a business trip. This peculiar behaviour became an enigma that Zhang decided to investigate, only to discover a hidden secret that would change their lives forever.

Zhang and Li had a harmonious marriage since they tied the knot after graduating from college. However, over the past few years, Li’s behaviour had become increasingly mysterious, often concealing trivial secrets. Zhang was not initially bothered by his wife’s insistent wear of the red skirt upon his return from business trips, attributing it to coincidence. Yet, as the pattern persisted, he became suspicious and finally decided to seek the truth during Li’s absence.

Consulting a middle-aged female neighbour, Zhang was shocked to learn that the red skirt was a secret code between Li and a man named Liu Yang, a fitness coach, whom she had been communicating with online. Zhang was initially in denial but eventually confronted his wife.

Li, after a long silence, confessed her online relationship with Liu, admitting that the red skirt was a signal to let him know when her husband was home. However, she insisted that she never crossed any boundaries that would hurt her husband.

Upon learning the truth, Zhang was devastated. Despite wishing to end the marriage, he found himself unable to let go of the relationship. The couple had a heated argument that night, turning their home into a tense atmosphere. Unexpectedly, Liu appeared at their doorstep the following day.

Liu came to confess that he already had a girlfriend whom he loved and who was currently abroad. He had recently broken up with her due to some issues and had found solace in his conversations with Li. However, knowing she was married, he never intended to cross any boundaries, and he did not want to regret hurting his ex-girlfriend whom he still loved.

Touched by Liu’s sincere explanation and his love for his wife, Zhang decided to give Li a second chance. A year later, Liu’s ex-girlfriend forgave him, and the red skirt secret became a memory in their hearts.

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