Beggar assault by a young woman in China sparks public outrage

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An assault on an 80 year old beggar by a young woman in broad daylight in the province of Jiangsu, China, yesterday sparked public outrage. The man had approached the woman, who was dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt, to ask for money.

Not only did the woman refuse to give him any money but she viciously slapped him several times, causing outrage among bystanders.

Following the flurry of slaps, the elderly man fell and hit the ground, but the woman seemed intent on pursuing him further to continue her attack. A male bystander infuriated, yelled at her to stop.

“Are you even human? He’s old enough to be your father or grandfather!”

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Another woman, an office worker on her way to work, also stopped and pointed at the attacker, and shouted at her.

“You are a horrible person. If you were decent, you’d leave him alone. I’ve already called the police. They’ll be here soon.”

Sweary Mary

The attacker, on hearing this, pointed at the office worker and hurled vulgarities at her.

The woman’s callous attitude and crude language attracted public attention, and many criticised her actions against the 80 year old man in the middle of the day. Under the pressure of the crowd and the news that the police were on their way, she began to feel embarrassed and tried to justify her violent behaviour towards the elderly man as bad luck.

She claimed that the elderly man had asked her for money when she was in a bad mood due to personal issues, and his presence annoyed her. In her irritation and annoyance at being disturbed, she lashed out at him. She also feigned concern for the elderly man.

“He should realise that life isn’t easy, so he should find a job to earn money.”

These difficult-to-understand excuses angered a middle-aged man who was watching the scene.

“What does he have to do with you that you dare to hit him? You’re only about 20 years old, do you know how to go out and bully people already? He’s over 80 years old, what kind of job do you expect him to find to earn money?”

Woman behaving badly

These words clearly expressed the onlookers’ frustration with the young woman’s behaviour.

Similarly, a middle-aged cleaning lady spoke up and warned the young woman to respect the elderly, pointing out that the beggar was at the end of his life and lacked the strength to work, hence his decision to beg. If possible, one should give him a coin or two, or simply refuse.

There was no need to resort to violence. However, upon hearing this, the young woman became even more aggressive. The cleaning lady could do to calm the aggressor.

“Do you want to hit me like you hit him?”

No matter what anyone said, it was impossible to make the young woman understand that her behaviour was inappropriate. The crowd could only wait for the authorities to resolve the issue.

When the police arrived, the young woman continued to explain her actions in the same way. However, the police did not allow her to continue her bizarre behaviour and promptly took her to the police station, reported Sanook.

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