Cambodian politician leads apocalyptic cult

Khem Veasna leads his followers at his farm, photo by Khem Veasna Facebook.

A Cambodian politician has started an apocalyptic cult. The president of the League for Democracy Party, Khem Veasna, claims that he is a reincarnation of the Hindu god Brahma. The so-called “Brahma” has now “prophesised” that massive biblical-level floods will swallow up all of the Earth, except for his farm in Siem Reap province.

Quite a few people believe Khem, because over 20,000 people fled to his farm on Tuesday night, and refused to leave. Khem had warned his devoted followers that the doomsday floods would take hold by August 31, and surprise- it didn’t happen. Yet, his followers still say they plan to stay on the farm until the end of September.

But Cambodian authorities fear that forcefully breaking up the gathering will only bolster Khem’s influence. Prime Minister Hun Sen says that Khem is baiting authorities to forcefully break up his “rally,” to “convert his superstitious propaganda into politics.” Sen warned authorities not to take the bait.

The LDP boycotted commune elections in June after Khem dubbed himself the reincarnated Brahma. Khem started posting his wacky predictions on Facebook last week. The English translation of one of his posts reads…

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“…the black hole force will swallow the natural force and the natural force of the elements. Those high rise buildings, the forces will sink in and out, dams, underground caves like oil, gas, Earth networks will crumble to fill the gaps.”

There have so far been no reports on any reasons provided by Khem on why his prophecy for August 31 was not fulfilled.

SOURCE: Union of Catholic Asian News

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