11 year old British girl’s mysterious illness raises money for hospital

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A British girl narrowly escaped death caused by a mysterious illness that caused her entire body to swell within seconds. Thanks to a quick-thinking nurse, who had advised her to rush to the hospital after a glance at her condition, the girl from Merseyside, UK. The girl, Honey Barton, is now 13 years old but her illness still puzzles doctors

About two years ago, the 11 year old visited a clinic due to swelling in her hands and feet. Upon her arrival, the nurse immediately advised her to seek treatment at a larger hospital.

Megan, Barton’s mother, recounted the unexpected situation, revealing that the clinic nurse took just one look at her daughter and immediately advised her to bring the young girl to Whiston Hospital. Despite being confused at the time, both mother and daughter promptly followed the nurse’s advice and hurried to the hospital, one of the largest in the county.

However, after following the advice and returning home to rest, Barton’s condition rapidly deteriorated. The swelling, initially only in her limbs, began to spread across her body and strange rashes appeared on her skin.

Eventually, her entire body swelled alarmingly, and she was rushed to the intensive care unit for emergency treatment after collapsing at home.

What alarmed Honey’s mother was that the treating doctors were still uncertain of her daughter’s illness, with her condition seeming to worsen every day. Megan felt as if she were on the brink of losing her daughter.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Doctors suspected Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), a respiratory disease caused by a virus, or Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a severe disorder of the skin and mucous membranes. However, they were still unable to identify for definite the disease that threatened the life of the 11 year old schoolgirl.

Barton spent six weeks at Whiston Hospital before being transferred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. It was there that she began to respond to treatment and soon made a recovery, being discharged after two additional weeks, reported Sanook News.

Megan revealed that her daughter’s chest was unbelievably swollen, her eyes and mouth were so swollen that she couldn’t see or speak, and she was also exhibiting kidney failure symptoms. However, after being admitted to Alder Hey, she began to respond. It was incredible because doctors at Whiston Hospital had told them that she might never speak again.

Mrs Barton said that her daughter, who loved dancing and skateboarding, had made lots of good friends after moving from another town, which had boosted her confidence. Barton had been nominated for Miss Teen Junior Merseyside and was going to compete for the Teen GB title in October. However, everything was halted due to her strange illness.

Fortunately, Barton recovered after being treated at several hospitals. As of now, her health is improving, but Megan remains traumatized as the cause of her daughter’s illness still eludes doctors.

Barton was discharged from the hospital on August 20 and has raised a total of £980 (43,400 baht) for the hospital that saved her life. Currently 13 years old, two years after the onset of her severe illness, the cause of Barton’s illness has yet to be identified by doctors.

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