Bride’s wedding dress tears open, embarrassment ensues at South Korean ceremony

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A South Korean bride’s wedding day turned into a mortifying experience when her beautifully tailored wedding gown split open, exposing her derriere to the entire audience. The incident took place as she was walking down the aisle with her father.

The wedding was proceeding smoothly, filled with joy and happiness, until everyone noticed something unusual about her lavish wedding dress. It quickly became a source of embarrassment as relatives and friends informed the bride that her dress had a large tear at the bottom, clearly revealing her buttocks.

Despite the immediate response from the wardrobe team to manage the situation, the bride was too embarrassed to continue with the ceremony, having revealed her backside to everyone since her ceremony entrance.

Following the wedding, the bride lodged a complaint with the wedding planning company. Initially, the officials apologised for the incident. However, they later pointed out that the rest of the wedding dress was sewn with thread, and only the problem area was fixed with pins, implying the responsibility for the incident should fall on the bride’s team, not the company, reported JTBC.

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Moreover, the company made a baffling claim that due to the low incidence rate, the company could not perform well. Ultimately, the bride demanded compensation at least equivalent to the cost of the lost wedding dress. However, the business owner responded that the company could not specify the exact price of the wedding dress as it was included in the total wedding planning fees, evading responsibility and refusing to compensate for the wedding dress, much to the bride’s dismay.

The incident of the bride’s dress tearing and exposing her backside stirred up a heated debate among netizens. Comments expressed opinions such as:

“The wedding planning company should be responsible for this. Normally, when something like this happens in business, operators should take full responsibility.”

“Everyone knows that the protagonist in a wedding is the bride, yet the company didn’t compensate for the embarrassment she faced.”

“What does a low incidence rate have to do with wedding planning?”

“It seems to lack professionalism, and in this case, the company should at least show a sincere apology.”

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