Los Angeles woman shares worst dating experience involving housework and leftovers

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A 28 year old woman from Los Angeles, United States, recently shared her worst dating experience. She had been invited by a man to his apartment for a dinner date, only to end up doing housework and eating his leftover food from previous meals.

The pair had connected through FaceTime and felt they could get along well. With high hopes of shifting from her single status, Erin had no idea that upon reaching Mike’s apartment, she would be asked to help with the house chores. Even the dinner served was leftover food from his previous meals.

Erin narrated her dating experience with this man, stating that upon her arrival at Mike’s apartment, he asked her to wait downstairs for 30 minutes. When he finally appeared, he was dressed in sports gear and invited her in with the classic phrase “make yourself at home”. He then expressed his desire to exercise and began working out right in front of her.

After finishing his workout, Mike informed Erin that he needed to take his dog for a walk and wanted her to accompany him to the supermarket to buy groceries. During their walk, the dog defecated on the street and Mike, having not brought a waste bag, resorted to scavenging for one in a nearby trash bin to clean up the mess, reported The Sun.

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Erin considered this the worst dating experience of her life. When they returned to Mike’s apartment around 7.30pm, she quickly reiterated that she needed to be home by 8pm. “We went back to his apartment, and he took me to his bedroom and started explaining how the room captures sound. Luckily, I mentioned clearly at the start that I had to be home by 8pm,” she said.

Despite this, Mike still tried to delay her departure by offering to prepare dinner, which merely consisted of heating up leftover food from a few days ago. At this point, Erin couldn’t take it anymore and insisted on going home. He then began pleading, promising that he would do better next time. “He kept saying, ‘Next time I’ll do better,'” she recalled.

However, when Erin got home, she messaged Mike to confess her feelings and told him she did not want to see him again. “I’ve never been so disrespected. I wish him the best, but I told him I won’t see him again,” she admitted.

Despite her clear message, Mike continued to message her as if he didn’t understand why he had been dumped.

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