Panda stone discovery could fetch 490 million baht

Photo courtesy of Sanook.

A stroll along the beach led Lin, a resident of Shandong, China, to an unusual stone, which turned out to be a remarkable find worth over 490 million baht (£11.2 million). The intriguing panda stone had a peculiar shape and a distinct surface pattern.

The resident said…

“At first, I thought it was just an ordinary black stone, but on closer inspection, it had a very special multi-colour pattern.”

His son said…

“Dad, don’t you see these lines look like a giant panda? It looks so real!”

This observation made Lin, a collector of gems and vintage items, realise that this was not an ordinary stone.

Overall, the panda stone had a dark brown colour with alternating circles of black lines. What made it even more special was the natural weathering of brown, white, and black, creating a pattern that resembled a panda bear lying on the stone. Delighted, Lin decided to take this extraordinary stone home.

As news of the peculiar panda-shaped stone spread, Lin instantly gained fame. Numerous gem collectors travelled from far and wide just to see the stone in person. They were deeply amazed, never having expected such a natural wonder.

Curiosity led more people to admire the panda stone, spreading its fame even further. One wealthy businessman was so enamoured by it that he offered Lin millions of yuan. Despite it being a substantial amount for Lin’s family, he decided not to sell it.

Though Lin was adamant about not selling this treasure, he wanted to know its definite worth. According to experts from the popular show Treasure Appraisal on China Central Television (CCTV), this is an extremely rare natural masterpiece.

“This stone is incredibly valuable, worth at least 100 million yuan (approximately 490 million baht)!”

Upon hearing this unbelievable figure, everyone in the room was astonished. They hadn’t expected the panda stone that Lin casually picked up on a beach outing to turn into such a valuable asset. Lin himself was greatly shocked. Though he knew the stone was valuable, he hadn’t expected it to be worth such a colossal amount. Despite being a gem collector, he had never seen such a sum in his life, reported Sanook.

After the experts stated that the panda stone was worth millions, Lin spent a long time deliberating and finally decided not to sell it. He felt that perhaps this peculiar stone and he himself had a special destiny. He decided to keep it as his own treasure.

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