Bangladeshi man arrested for trying to enter Singapore by walking along Causeway

A Bangladeshi man was arrested after trying to enter Singapore through the Causeway train tracks. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) arrested the man after he was spotted walking along the tracks. Upon reprimanding him, police say he was not carrying any identification or travel documents.

According to Channel News Asia, the ICA wrote about the situation on Facebook.

“The man was promptly intercepted by ICA officers from Woodlands Checkpoint before he could pose a safety hazard to ongoing train operations.

“ICA takes a serious view on attempts to enter or depart Singapore illegally.”

The authority said those convicted of illegally trying to enter the country can be fined up to S$1,000 (25,800 baht) jailed for up to six months, or both.

Last month, the ICA said 57 illegal immigrants were caught and arrested last year, compared to one less in 2021.

But, it says the number of cases involving those attempting to enter Singapore under a different or false identity jumped 15-fold from just 28 in 2021 to over 440 in 2022.

In other news, tragedy struck a family in Singapore on Monday when a two year old girl died in a freak accident. The young girl was run over by a van in a car park in the Woodlands area of the city-state, possibly by her father. Emergency services raced to the scene after the incident was reported on Woodlands Street at 2.40pm.

The police arrested a 33 year old man, believed to be the father. They are charging him with careless driving causing death. Investigations into the exact chains of events that led to the death are still ongoing.

Reports suggest that a family had just finished eating a meal at a nearby coffee shop. The two year old baby had been placed in a pushchair.

What happened next is unclear, but it appeared that the stroller rolled away and the baby fell out onto the ground. The man was just backing up his van at the time and the unfortunate toddler fell under his tire and was run over.

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