Anwar orders transfer of minor infrastructure projects from JKR to district offices

In a recent announcement, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim stated that minor infrastructure projects, such as repairs of dilapidated schools currently overseen by the Public Works Department (JKR), will be transferred to other departments or district offices. This decision aims to reduce the workload of JKR, which is responsible for implementing development projects and maintaining infrastructure for various ministries, departments, statutory bodies, and state governments.

Anwar Ibrahim explained in his speech at the June assembly for staff of the Prime Minister’s Department that projects involving repairs to dilapidated schools, clinics, and toilets should no longer burden JKR. The department also supervises minor infrastructure and public amenity projects, such as cleaning drains, tarring roads, and repairing federal projects.

The Prime Minister, who also serves as Finance Minister, emphasised the importance of not only focusing on major infrastructure projects like highways and flood mitigation but also addressing issues concerning school toilets, drains outside houses, and mosque fencing. He stated, “This includes extending assistance like STR (Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah), E-Kasih and the like; that is why I have directed that it be speeded up.” Anwar plans to meet with district officers next week to discuss the implementation of minor infrastructure projects.

Anwar also urged for the swift implementation of all projects for the people that have been decided and announced. He has communicated this matter to the Cabinet, the Finance Ministry, and the Chief Secretary to the Government.

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Furthermore, the Prime Minister reminded all heads of department to monitor the progress of projects announced by the government. He requested that all departments review the status of approved projects, whether they have been implemented or not, if allocations have reached them, and what has been assigned to other ministries.

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