Anwar Ibrahim denies using judiciary for political revenge as Malaysia PM

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia has dismissed allegations that he is utilising the nation’s judiciary system to exact political revenge on certain individuals. Instead, Anwar emphasised his respect for the country’s judiciary and his commitment to not interfering in decisions made by the attorney-general or judges in any case.

Anwar stated, “If revenge was on my mind or my intention, many would have been sent to the Sungai Buloh prison already, but I know the need to defend the principles of adhering to the law.” He further explained that his powers are limited to ensuring that security and safety institutions carry out their duties without fear or favour, and that decisions regarding investigations and charges are beyond his control.

The Prime Minister made these remarks during his speech at the Cikgu Anda theatre programme, where he also stressed that he cannot instruct the attorney-general to charge anyone without solid evidence. “Instead, like what I have said in Parliament, I do not want to be a leader who uses power to suppress or oppress anyone,” he added.

Anwar highlighted that during his seven months as Malaysia’s leader, he has not made any changes to judiciary appointments. He explained that recommendations made by the committee to the chief justice are forwarded to him, and he simply follows the process without making any amendments, unless the judge’s record is challenged.

In conclusion, Anwar called for the country’s administration to be cleansed of any negative elements and urged for the nation’s politics to steer clear of any aspects that could damage Malaysia’s image.

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