Dangerous photo stunt goes viral as airline staff pose on Boeing wing

A Swiss Air flight crew has been chastised for a dangerous photo shoot on a plane wing. (via NY Post)

A startling video clip, capturing airline staff members posing for photos and dancing on the wing of a Boeing 777 aircraft, has ignited worldwide controversy. The engaging but potentially dangerous stunt was performed while the flight awaited departure for Zurich.

The video, captured by passengers from inside the terminal, showcased flight attendants and ground crew members of a Swiss International Airlines flight engaged in a whimsical moment.

An air hostess, acting like a Disney princess, twirled and posed for photos, before gesturing for a male airline crew member to follow her towards the open emergency exit.

The male staff member joined her, striking a bodybuilder’s pose. He then did a Superman-style pose and one or two other stances before finishing his photoshoot.

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Another airline crew member then emerged to take clear photos while two ground crew members snapped pictures in front of the aircraft’s engine on the ground level.

The release of the video has sparked criticism from the global online community and aviation circles. They strongly condemn the risky behaviour, emphasising that such actions should not occur as they pose a significant threat to life.

The Boeing 777 wing stands approximately 5 metres (16.4 feet) high, and a fall from such a height could be hazardous or even deadly.

Airline crew members are only supposed to step on the aircraft wing in severe emergencies, such as an emergency landing requiring passenger evacuation, not for lighthearted photos.

Officials for Swiss International Airlines, including Deputy President, Martin Knuchel, demanded an end to such misconduct after seeing the photos and video. Expressing anger and disappointment, they, along with other crew members, criticised their colleagues’ behaviour.

They could hardly believe it was real because, apart from being dangerous, the plane wing photoshoot incident lacked professionalism. A 39 year old flight supervisor for that departure added that he felt deeply embarrassed by his crew’s behaviour.

Recently, a woman on a flight from Vietnam to Thailand also accused cabin crew of behaving badly, posing a problem. But a social media influencer happened to be on the flight and shed new light on the incident, shifting blame to the unruly passengers.

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