Afghanistan mosque explosion kills Taliban officials during funeral prayers

A mosque in north-east Afghanistan was rocked by an explosion, resulting in multiple casualties. Among those injured or killed were several local Taliban officials. The blast took place during a prayer service held for the deputy governor of Badakhshan province, who lost his life in a car bomb attack earlier this week. The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the car bombing.

Muizuddin Ahmadi, the local Taliban head of information, stated that the exact number of fatalities in the mosque explosion in Faizabad, the provincial capital, was uncertain, but there were multiple casualties. The funeral of Maulvi Ahmadi, the Taliban deputy governor of Badakhshan, was being attended by mourners when the explosion occurred. Ahmadi was killed on his way to work on Tuesday, along with one other individual, while six people were injured in the attack.

The BBC received confirmation from two sources that two local Taliban officials were among those killed at the mosque, including the former police commander of northern Baghlan province. Following the explosion, eyewitnesses reported hearing gunfire. Footage provided to the BBC depicts several casualties being transported to the capital’s hospital via ambulance.

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