Lost love: Roadside reunion with sex doll ‘ex’ leaves Taiwan buzzing

Photo courtesy of 吳炳宗 (Facebook)

An intriguing incident recently created a stir on Taiwanese social media, following the discovery of an abandoned ex-girlfriend on a roadside. This ex-girlfriend, a heavily used worn-out sex doll, was wrapped in a white cloth and left on the roadside grass, sparking sympathy and astonishment among netizens.

The peculiar event was shared on the public Facebook group, the Taiwanese public group, which has approximately 79,000 followers. The post, captioned “someone’s ex-girlfriend,” was dated August 14.

The sight of the ex-girlfriend, the damaged sex doll, was shocking. The doll was evidently used to the point of degradation, causing a stir among netizens who found the situation both pitiful and amusing.

The post quickly garnered significant attention online, sparking humour and conversation on social media. Numerous netizens took to the comments section, expressing their shock and amusement at the doll’s condition.

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Comments ranged from “completely worn out, both hands and legs are chafed” to “should we call the police? This is clearly domestic violence.”

Lost love: Roadside reunion with sex doll 'ex' leaves Taiwan buzzing | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of 吳炳宗 (Facebook)

One netizen even quipped, “If you drive by and see this at night, you’re guaranteed a shock.”

The incident provided an unexpected source of amusement for the online community, highlighting the unusual events that can spark widespread interest on social media.

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The flatulence incident on a Chinese bus tour went viral after an influencer reported a passenger repeatedly emitting foul-smelling wind, causing dizziness among the crowd.

The influencer likened the smell to rotten eggs, describing the man’s severe and repetitive flatulence as unbearable.

The incident prompted concerned discussions online about possible health complications, with some speculating bloating or gastroesophageal reflux disease could be the cause.

The story has incited both humour and health concerns, similar to another recent viral story of a man waking up trapped on a bus twice at 1am. To read the full story click HERE.

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