Venice tourist bus tragedy: 21 lives lost in devastating crash (video)

Photo: KhaoSod.

A devastating bus crash near the tourist city of Venice, Italy, claimed at least 21 lives and left 18 injured. The bus believed to be hired for transporting tourists, collided with a bridge railing before plunging onto a railway track below, in the Mestre district yesterday.

The deceased in the bus crash included the Italian driver, five Ukrainians, and one German. The horrific incident has left the local community and authorities in shock.

Venice’s Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, posted online…

“A great tragedy occurred. The catastrophic scene is beyond words to describe.”

The Italian media has speculated that the bus was carrying tourists from Venice to a camping site in the Marghera district. The bus, reportedly powered by methane gas, fell onto electrical lines causing a fire to break out.

Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Piantedosi, warned that the death toll could rise as at least five of the injured are in critical condition. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Images from the unfortunate bus crash showed emergency services tirelessly working through the night in the aftermath of the tragedy. The bus, from an elevated roadway, had fallen causing the loss of multiple lives and several injuries, reported KhaoSod.

A few months ago, a school minibus crash occurred, causing the vehicle to flip onto its side and leading to injuries among several male and female students.

At the scene of the distressing crash, investigators found the minibus severely damaged at the front and overturned. Some students were trapped inside the vehicle, while others were thrown outside as a result of the accident. Read more HERE.

A bus crash in Songkhla province, South Thailand, resulted in injuries to 10 individuals. The bus was carrying 30 passengers from Bangkok to Hat Yai when it veered off the road.

Emergency responders arrived promptly and found the bus on the roadside. All injured passengers were safely transported to nearby hospitals for necessary medical treatment. Read more HERE.

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