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Two monks killed in temple shooting at Narathiwat

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Two monks killed in temple shooting at Narathiwat | The Thaiger

PHOTO: The Nation

“We believe that at least six assailants were involved in the shooting and are at large,” –  police spokesman in the Su-ngai Padi district.

Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has condemned the latest violence in southern province Narathiwat where two monks were gunned down and others injured last night (Friday). Narathiwat is Thailand’s southern-most province.

Government spokesman Puttipong Bunnakun says that security authorities are now hunting for those behind the attack at the Rattananuparb temple in Sungai Padi district.

“The premier deplores the ambush at War Rattananuparb which resulted in deaths and injuries of monks. He ordered officials to urgently investigate the incident and bring those involved to justice. He asks the public to have confidence in the government’s commitment to restore peace in the country.”

The Nation reports that one of the slain monks was Prakru Prachote Rattananurak or Sawang, the abbot of the temple and chief monk of the Sungai Padi district.

Witnesses say the abbot was shot at close range and died instantly. Attackers are then reported to have opened the monk cubicles one by one firing randomly.

Witnesses says a group of about 10 men in camouflage uniforms, armed with military weapons, opened fire on monks who were in the temple at about 8.30pm last night.

Some witnesses claim the militants arrived on motorcycles while a Facebook user, Rungrot Kongpiban, quoted a monk who survived the attack saying the militants approached the back of the temple on foot.

The government spokesman said that the PM is ordering immediate strengthening of the security in the province and other areas and will arrange compensation for the families of the victims.

The shooting closely follows another incident yesterday morning when an insurgent was shot in a shootout between militants and insurgents near a local school. Read that story HERE.

SOURCE: The Nation | Reuters

Two monks killed in temple shooting at Narathiwat | News by The Thaiger

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Southern insurgency: Ranger shot dead in Songkhla house

The Thaiger & The Nation



Southern insurgency: Ranger shot dead in Songkhla house | The Thaiger

FILE PHOTO: The latest shooting in a spate of recent violence in the southern provinces – The Nation

A ranger based in Yala has been shot dead at his home in Songkhla’s Muang district.

Pol Capt Adirek Burintrapibal, the deputy inspector of Muang Songkhla police station, was alerted at 8.30pm last night of the shooting at a house in Moo 10 village in Tambon Pawong.

The Nation reports that 43 year old Charoen Moraphan died when a bullet hit him in the left side of his chest.

His wife, Khiew, says she was at the back of the house while Charoen was watching TV in the living room facing towards the front door. She says her husband was on leave from his Yala ranger base for two weeks.

Police claim a gunman inserted a gun barrel through the front door and opened fire at Charoen, hitting him once in the chest.

Police are yet to identify the motive for the killing, the latest in a spate of violence in the southern provinces.

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50+ motorbike taxi drivers blockade southern border

The Thaiger



50+ motorbike taxi drivers blockade southern border | The Thaiger

50 Thai motorcycle taxi drivers have set up a blockade at the Thai-Malaysian border checkpoint to protest what they allege are unworkable, stricter immigration checks now imposed by Malaysian immigration officials.

The taxi drivers say they have been bringing Thai tourists across the border in Songkhla’s Sadao district to the duty-free shops in Malaysia’s Padang Besar for years.

Yesterday morning’s temporary blockade delayed several buses and cars carrying dozens of Malaysian tourists heading to Hat Yai.

Thai immigration police, army troops and local administration officials intervened and persuaded the taxi drivers to move their 50+ bikes blocking the road.

Drivers initially refused, demanding that Thai immigration officials negotiate with their Malaysian counterparts to ease the border crossing restrictions.

The border crossing process has been tightened in recent months by requiring production of a valid passport instead of border passes as was the case in the past. But many Thai motorcycle taxi drivers do not have passports and say the new restrictions are overly restrictive and an alternative solution should be accommodated.

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Four rangers escape unharmed after insurgents’ attack in Narathiwat

The Thaiger & The Nation



Four rangers escape unharmed after insurgents’ attack in Narathiwat | The Thaiger

MAP: Narathiwat’s Ra Ngae district

Four rangers have escaped unhurt after southern insurgents detonated a roadside bomb in an attack in Narathiwat’s Ra Ngae district this morning.

Police say the attack happened at 8.10am on a main road in Ban Pa Phai village in Tambon Tanyong.

The bomb damaged a makeshift shelter for vendors to buy rubber latex from local villagers.

Police say the patrol of four rangers was approaching the area when the homemade bomb was detonated. But the timing was not right and the blast didn’t harm the rangers.

SOURCE: The Nation 

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