Teenager brandishes firearm in public, fears mother poisoning him for insurance

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A 19 year old man was taken into custody by Surat Thani City police after he was spotted brandishing a firearm at a busy road intersection.

The youth claimed he was scared of his mother, who he believed was trying to poison him to claim life insurance money. The incident occurred at 2.15am today, January 18 at the intersection of Wat Dhammabucha and Talad Mai Road, Surat Thani.

Upon arrival, the police found the young man, identified as A (alias), wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts, standing in the middle of the road holding a short-barrelled pistol. Initial checks revealed the 9mm firearm, loaded with a single bullet.

As the officers subdued A, he appeared distressed and incoherent. When questioned about carrying the weapon, A only stated that he was protecting himself from his real mother, who had tried to poison him to claim his life insurance money, reported KhaoSod.

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The police also asked A if he had been using drugs, to which he admitted. The teenager then pleaded with the officers not to film his condition. As he was being taken to the patrol car, A called for help from passersby, claiming police brutality and resisting arrest.

The teen had to be subdued again before calming down. He then asked the officers if he would survive, to which they assured him he would.

A 22 year old local named Aphinnat (surname withheld), who was driving past at the time, recounted the incident. Aphinnat said he had seen A approach his car while waiting at a red light.

After realising it was a man, Aphinnat drove off just as A was approaching another car. Aphinnat admitted that he did not notice the gun until the police arrived and was greatly shocked by the incident, adding that he was still shaken by the encounter.

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