Southern Thailand police seize 12,000 meth tablets, 2 key figures arrested linked to notorious drug ring

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Police officers from the suppression division apprehended two individuals implicated in a notorious drug network known as Jing Kantang, which has been causing alarm throughout the southern region of Thailand. According to reports, these individuals had been evading capture until they were finally caught in the Songkhla today.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Montri Theskhan, in command of the Suppression Division, gave orders for Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsanot Chookeaw to lead to the arrest of a 31 year old woman named Sunatthaorn and 24 year old man named Chanchai.

Sunatthaorn had a warrant issued for her arrest by the Trang Provincial Court on February 17 earlier this year for her involvement in the drug trafficking business. The charges against her include associating with others in the trafficking of methamphetamine, a Category 1 drug, into the territory.

Along with the arrests of Sunatthaorn and Chanchai, evidence was secured in the form of 12,000 methamphetamine tablets and various gold items weighing in total 48.3 grammes with a market value of approximately 110,000 baht (US$3,172). Sunatthaorn was apprehended in the parking lot of a hotel in the Songkhla province while Chanchai was located within Soi Pa Maphrao, Kantang in the Trang province, reported KhaoSod.

Law enforcement officers revealed that Sunatthaorn was a significant player in the notable southern drug network, sought after by several police units owing to her essential role in brokering liaison between smaller and larger drug agents. She had been evading law enforcement, hiding within the region of Songkhla, until she was eventually apprehended.

To expand their investigation, officers used Sunatthaorn’s connection to procure methamphetamine from the Jing Kantang network, setting up a drug handover in the Trang province. On reaching the designated location, Chanchai, the accused, was found delivering up to 12,000 meth tablets, leading to his apprehension.

In their interrogations, both Sunatthaorn and Chanchai admitted to their crimes. Post admission, they were handed over to the Kantang Police Station for further processing of the case.

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