Transformer-triggered blaze engulfs Phuket apartment, no casualties

In the early hours today, a transformer-triggered blaze engulfed an apartment building in the heart of Phuket Town. Fortunately, the incident did not result in any resident casualties.

Phuket City Police reported that the fire started around 12.05am, right in front of the Pink Mansion residential building on Hongyok Uthit Road. On receiving the distress call, the authorities swiftly dispatched officers and a team of firefighters from Wichit Municipality to the location.

Upon arrival, the responders found the power cables leading to the building completely aflame. The fire, fueled by the cables, had managed to spread to Salute, an Italian restaurant situated on the building’s ground floor.

The dedicated team of Wichit Municipality firefighters worked tirelessly to contain and eventually extinguish the flames. In the aftermath, they were able to confirm that despite the extent of the fire, there had been no injuries or fatalities.

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Eyewitness accounts corroborated the police reports. One onlooker, who witnessed the event unfold, reported that the fire seemed to originate from the electricity transformer stationed in front of the residential building.

The police, however, have not yet confirmed this. With the investigation still ongoing, officers are working diligently to ascertain the exact cause of the fire.

While the residents and the community are relieved that there were no casualties, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that lie in everyday objects and systems and the importance of regular checks on such infrastructure. As the police continue their investigation, one can only hope for a swift resolution and actionable insights to prevent such incidents in the future, reported Phuket News.

In related news, Bangkok’s Metropolitan Electrical Authority yesterday removed two network transformers belonging to the same lot that caused a fire in Chinatown last month. The fire in the historic Sampeng market killed two people.

The blaze was caused by a transformer exploding at a three-storey shophouse, according to a preliminary inspection.

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