Striped dolphin dies in Patong after washing ashore injured

PHOTO: Striped dolphin dies after washing ashore injured in Patong. (via Achadthaya Chuenniran)

A striped dolphin has died after beaching itself in Patong despite local rescuers’ best efforts. The dolphin was found after having washed up on shore with a serious injury and was reported first to the Patong Police just before 5:30pm yesterday.

Kathu district lifeguards were the first to spot the striped dolphin as it came ashore and when they saw it was injured, they called the local police. The dolphin had sustained severe injuries on the lower section of its tail fin, though no further details have been revealed.

Veterinarians rushed to the scene, arriving only about 40 minutes after the initial reports, to find the injured striped dolphin and to quickly load it up and transport it to the Sireetarn Marine Endangered Animals Rescue Centre where specialists could try to help.

After a thorough examination of the injuries the dolphin sustained on its tail fin, medical experts decided it should be moved to Laem Phanwa centre in Muang district for further treatment.

The veterinarians and marine rescue experts did their best to try to help and save the striped dolphin, but it died shortly after arriving at the centre.

A similar incident took place in Phuket last year, as an injured dolphin was found washed up on the shore of Sirinat National Park’s Ao Sai Khu Bay. Its body had been slashed as well, but at that time, human foul play was suspected.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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