Phuket water supply tests could leave residents dry for days

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In a recent announcement, the Phuket arm of the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) outlined water supply test plans to execute a series of step tests over the upcoming three days. The measures are aimed to confirm the water pressure within the main supply pipes – a move that will impact several residences and businesses throughout different regions in Phuket.

Upon the execution of the step tests, it is predicted that the people of Phuket will experience drastically reduced water pressure, if not a complete absence of water flow through their taps.

Of the various planned step tests, the one scheduled at Koh Kaew, slotted between 9pm and 11pm tomorrow, is likely to impact various locales such as Soi Koh Kaew 1-18, Moo Baan Sapam Village, Supalai Koh Kaew, Soi Pa Maphrao, Soi Laem Hin through Soi Bang Chee Lao and Soi Pacharee (found off Thepkrasattri Road).

Tuesday morning, between 10am and noon, will see a step test conducted in Rawai. This will impact all homes and businesses positioned along the western side of Wiset Road starting from the PPAO Muang Phuket School located to the south of Chalong Circle, extending to Saiyuan Road.

Subsequently, a third step test is said to take place at the Muang Thong Intersection in Wichit, in effect from 9pm to 11pm on Thursday. This test will disrupt the water supply of various homes and businesses in Soi Gao-na, Soi Suwanna, Soi Saongem, Soi Thanit Turakij, Sakididet Road, Soi Hokhuad and the areas of Moo Baan Netthathip.

Residents in densely populated regions of Wichit will also experience a Zero Pressure Test from 9pm to 11pm on Wednesday. The precincts that will be affected include Wat Thepnimit intersection, Chao Fa East Road, Phuket Villa 3, Tharnthong Villa 7, Phuket Villa Dowroong, Tharnthong Villa 5, and areas across Borrae – Narang Road and Pattana Thongtin Road, along with Soi Muang Thong 3, 5, 7.

In an advisory note, the people are instructed to keep a backup of approximately 200 litres of water per person per day. This suggested measure arrives as the city continues to face water supply outages resulting from the ongoing work on the main pipes. This advisory is particularly pertinent considering the looming significant water outage predicted to impact locals and businesses from Baan Borrae in Wichit to Cape Panwa by tomorrow.

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