Phuket’s digital dive: Seminar equips leaders for tech tide

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Phuket officials recently conducted a training seminar aimed at educating local community leaders on the use and risks associated with digital media and technology. The event, held at a hotel in Ratsada yesterday, was presided over by Phuket Vice Governor Adul Chuthong.

Chief of the Phuket branch of the National Statistics Office (NSO), Hasana Lekheem highlighted the seminar’s objective of fostering high-quality digital citizens. The training sought to empower attendees to use digital technology creatively and intelligently, while also understanding and mitigating digital risks.

The seminar specifically targeted village headmen, community leaders, village committees, and volunteers from the area. A total of 218 participants from 96 villages and 58 communities across three districts attended the session.

The digital media training covered five key aspects of digital intelligence: digital identity, digital use, digital security, digital literacy, and digital communication. These areas focused on personal data management, online threats, digital literacy, and fostering constructive digital collaboration.

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Adul emphasised the profound impact of digital technology on daily life, acknowledging both its positive and negative aspects. He reiterated Phuket’s commitment to leveraging digital technology to drive economic and social stability, given the province’s status as a global tourism and service hub.

“Phuket is focused on enhancing its agricultural sector by promoting safe, high-value agricultural products and supporting professional farmers in producing quality goods linked to tourism.

“This strategy aims to strengthen community-based tourism and grassroots economies, ensuring sustainable development through local wisdom and online revenue generation.”

The vice governor further affirmed that Phuket aims to become a centre of tourism, education, and innovation, promoting sustainable development through digital advancements.

This aligns with national digital economy goals, equipping citizens with the skills to use digital technology creatively and intelligently, fostering good digital citizenship, and protecting against online risks, reported Phuket News.

Participants, recognised as digital volunteers under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, are expected to play a crucial role in supporting and advising their communities. They are tasked with reducing panic from fake news and curbing cybercrime, according to an official report of the seminar.

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