Phuket tour boat industry rallies for enhanced safety measures

Phuket’s tour boat industry is taking decisive action, following the tragic accident where a five-year-old Russian girl lost her life in a tour speedboat crash at Koh Maiton. A collective movement is emerging among industry leaders, to bolster safety measures and prevent such incidents from recurring. The initiative is led by prominent figure Shaun Stenning, CEO and Founder of 5 Star Marine.

Next Monday, at Phuket Boat Lagoon, Stenning is setting the stage for a significant marine safety event. Scheduled from 5pm to 7pm, the event is expected to gather influential figures from the Thai and foreign speedboat, yachting, and diving sectors. Also joining would be the major industry suppliers, the Phuket Hotels Association, and members of the Marriott Small Business Council.

Stenning issued a public appeal, urging people to partake in the event. He underscored the recent accidents that had cast a gloomy pall over their industry, emphasising the need for operators to step up, pledging their commitment to enhanced safety standards.

Stenning has been actively engaging with foreign operators across the island, while the Thailand Tourism Council and the Phuket Provincial Government have been collaborating with Thai Operators.

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The appeal doesn’t end there, with Stenning reaching out to those at the helm of the tourism industry for their assistance. By their presence at the Marine Safety Event, they could lend their weight to this critical initiative.

The event is slated to have Phuket Governor Sophon Suwannarat in attendance, along with vice governors and heads of several government organisations with vested interests in marine safety. The objective of the occasion, as explained by Stenning, is to have participating operators willingly commit to a new safety standard in Phuket, endorsed by the Provincial Government.

Entry to this marine safety event is free. After the event, there will be a networking session from 7pm to 8pm for all attendees. To join this vital conversation, interested individuals can register their attendance online.

This event presents a crucial opportunity for industry stakeholders to come together, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility. The tragic accident at Koh Maiton has spurred a call to action, prompting the tour boat industry to self-reflect and strive towards a safer future.

It is a collective effort, with each participant playing a pivotal role in ensuring that such tragedies do not blight Phuket’s seas again, reported Phuket News.

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