Phuket Rajabhat University launches entrepreneurial scheme for student innovation

The Phuket Rajabhat University in Thailand set in motion a pioneering scheme yesterday aimed at fostering entrepreneurial prowess amongst its students and sparking innovation within the community. This enterprising initiative, launched to nurture future business leaders, seeks to promote business designs born out of community innovation.

The grand inauguration of the project was attended by dignitaries including Phuket Vice Governor Norasak Suksomboon and key figures such as Assistant Professor Dr Hiran Prasarnkarn, President of Phuket Rajabhat University. Dr Sunantha Kanthanon, who serves as the Manager of the Phuket Rajabhat University Business Incubation Center, was also in attendance. The audience was a diverse mix of students, faculty members, personnel, entrepreneurs and over 1,000 interested citizens.

During the launch, Vice Governor Norasak expressed his optimism for the project. He stated the initiative extends a golden opportunity for students and participants to gain knowledge and understanding of contemporary entrepreneurial skills.

“We have knowledgeable lecturers and experts who will share their direct experiences, such as cosmetics entrepreneur Trai Juri Nunkaew, who will discuss the challenges faced by modern entrepreneurs. We hope that project participants will use this knowledge to create jobs, and careers, and contribute to the prosperity of both their lives and occupations.”

Dr Sunantha Kanthanon elucidated the project’s objectives, emphasising the ambition to inspire ideas that lead to successful entrepreneurship.

“We have organised activities that combine learning with community development seminars, academic entrepreneurship courses, and practical projects to provide students with real-world experiences. The students, as the creators of these projects, will gain insights into actual business scenarios.

“Our invited speaker, Trai Nunkaew, a renowned entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry, will share his experiences on topics such as entrepreneurship without a physical business, finding rest in work, and achieving profits without substantial investments.”

The project aspires to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs who are prepared to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape. With the backing of local authorities, academic leaders, and seasoned entrepreneurs, Phuket Rajabhat University is laying the groundwork for a future where innovation and community development are intertwined, reported Phuket News.

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