Phuket police seize 15,000 meth pills in major drug bust

Image courtesy of Phuket Provincial Police

A drug bust by the Phuket Provincial Police has led to the arrests of three individuals and the seizure of over 15,000 methamphetamine pills, along with various items under the Narcotics Control Act. The total estimated value of the seized items exceeds 387,000 baht.

The arrests were executed by officers under the leadership of the Chief of the Crime Suppression Division at Phuket Provincial Police, Phichit Thongto.

Among the arrested, 40 year old Mongkol Singharat was apprehended near the entrance to the Third Area Command official residence in Wichit. Authorities found him in possession of 72 methamphetamine pills and 19.94 grammes of crystal meth.

Items confiscated during his arrest included two digital scales, drug-taking paraphernalia, a mobile phone, and a Yamaha motorcycle valued at approximately 40,000 baht. Additionally, a gold necklace valued at 120,000 baht, two gold rings worth 80,000 baht and 40,000 baht respectively, and 17,320 baht in cash were seized.

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The total value of the items seized from Mongkol was about 257,320 baht. He was taken to Wichit Police Station and charged with selling and distributing a Category 1 narcotic without permission, as well as the illegal use of a Category 1 narcotic.

Separately, 40 year old Thanyathorn Kongkaew was arrested at the Phuket Provincial Police Narcotics Suppression Unit Laboratory. Seized during his arrest was a white iPhone, allegedly used for illegal online gambling. He was taken to Phuket City Police Station and charged with using a Category 1 narcotic illegally and engaging in illegal online gambling.

The final arrest saw 23 year old Pankorn Thinmala apprehended at a house in Ratsada. Officers found him in possession of 15,283 methamphetamine pills. Items seized during this drug bust included three digital scales and a Samsung mobile phone used in drug-related offences.

Two additional motorcycles collectively valued at 130,000 baht were seized in the operation. Pankorn was taken to Phuket City Police Station and charged with distributing a Category 1 narcotic without permission and illegal use of a Category 1 narcotic.

The Phuket Provincial Police highlighted the significance of these arrests in their ongoing efforts to curb narcotics-related activities in the region, reported the Phuket News.

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