Phuket homeowner checks CCTV to find foreign couple canoodling outside house

A Thai woman away in Germany was lost for words on Tuesday when she checked her Phuket home’s CCTV camera footage to see a foreign couple – a man and woman – having sex in front of her house.

Homeowner Waralak Frisch often resides in Germany with her husband, so she installed security cameras to check on the safety of her house in real-time via a mobile application.

At 10:35pm on Tuesday, 52 year old Waralak’s CCTV camera captured explicit footage of a foreign couple fornicating behind a drinking water machine directly in front of her house. Waralak thought it was hilarious and immediately sent the footage to the Thai media.

“Things like this don’t happen in our village… I never dreamed I would open the camera to see this.”

It wasn’t very late at night to be doing such a thing in a public place, added Waralak.

Warlak said she had previously had a problem with a neighbour, but the situation was resolved when she installed CCTV cameras. Waralak couldn’t return to Phuket for a long time because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so accessing CCTV footage reassured her that her property was safe.

Police from Kamala Police Station said the lovebirds “committed an indecent act in public”, which is a criminal offence. Anyone who has evidence of such a crime can press charges, said the police.

Luckily, Waralak was more amused than anything, so it looks like the risqué duo got away with it this time.

SOURCE: Thai Rath

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