Perth ‘pad thai’ couple “maybe it was the juice”

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Ryan Prigg, one of the Aussie couple from Perth, Australia, spoke exclusively to ThaiVisa over the much-hyped story that a pad thai they ate at an ‘upmarket Phuket food court’ gave them a disease that took them nearly two years to shake. Here’s part of they response to ThaiVisa…

“We weren’t sick when we left Australia. On the day in question, it just happened that we only ate once, at a food court, where we shared Pad Thai and a juice. By that evening we were sick, and the illness remained in a cyclical fashion for next 18 months.

“Maybe it was pad Thai, maybe it was juice, or maybe it started another day asymptomatically – I’m not an infectious diseases expert – but it all began in Thailand”.

“We have hundreds of testimonials for the programs we run.

“When we traveled to Thailand, it was with the intention of moving there long term, since our business was profitable enough for us to do so.”

(The Thaiger’s fixed up some of the grammar)

Read the rest of their response at ThaiVisa HERE.

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