Murderer surrenders after stabbing wrong man in Phuket

A murderer surrendered to police after stabbing a man to death in front of a grocery store in Phuket on Saturday. The killer claimed that he stabbed the wrong person, thinking that the man he murdered was his enemy.

The alleged murderer, 35 year old Pannawit, stabbed 49 year old Charoen Panngen on Saturday morning in front of a shopping mall on Ong Sim Phai Road in the Mueng district of Phuket. Charoen was stabbed four times in the stomach and later died from his injuries in hospital.

Pannawit grabbed Charoen’s bag, gold necklace, and a valuable amulet and fled from the scene after stabbing him.

The police found the killer’s clothes inside the shopping mall in a playground area and Charoen’s assets were discovered outside the shopping mall.

Pannawit later surrendered himself at Mueng Phuket Police Station on the same day at noon. Pannawit claimed that he stabbed Charoen because of a misunderstanding.

Pannawit explained that he thought Charoen was an old enemy named Nid. He asked Charoen, “Are you Nid?” Charoen refused saying he wasn’t Nid but Pannawit still stabbed him.

Pannawit regretted the incident and decided to surrender himself.

Pannawit is now in police custody at Mueang Phuket Police Station.

According to Khaosod, Pannawit has tried to commit suicide in prison.

The officers reported that the case was still under investigation.

Pannawit has been charged with murder and theft and could face the death penalty.

Charoen’s 48 year old wife, Daranee, and his 24 year old daughter, Maneeporn, visited Mueng Phuket Police Station yesterday to object to the Pannawit’s request for bail.

Maneeporn revealed to the media that the police did not report the incident to her family. She learned from the news that her father’s killer had surrendered himself.

Maneeporn said she wanted the police to be transparent and work faster. Maneeporn added that her father was a good person, loved to help others, and never had any enemies in life. Everybody, even her friends, loved Charoen.

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