Motorcycle driver charged after road rage incident with bus in Phuket

Picture courtesy of Eakkapop Thongtub.

A heated altercation between a tour bus driver and a Grab motorcycle driver yesterday led to police intervention on the main route through Pa Khlok, Phuket. The incident, which took place near the PTT petrol station, resulted in the bus driver’s side window being shattered.

The tour bus, which belonged to Pornprom Corporation Co Ltd, found itself at the centre of the dispute. The bus driver, 36 year old Thiraphong Panchuay, stated that the quarrel was sparked when a small van tried to navigate onto a narrow road just as he was entering the main road.

The van momentarily halted to allow the bigger bus to pass, causing an unexpected obstacle for the oncoming motorcycle driver.

The motorcycle driver, identified as 42 year old Uruphong Kaosuk was travelling in the same direction and had to swiftly manoeuvre to avoid colliding with the bus. Unhappy with the bus’s abrupt intrusion onto the main road, Uruphong used his helmet to shatter a window of the bus, arguing that larger vehicles should yield to smaller ones.

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The resolution of the dispute was left to Police Captain Chanita Bunyanuch of the Thalang Police, who arrived at the scene shortly after. Both the bus driver, Thiraphong, and the motorcycle rider, Uruphong, were then asked to accompany Captain Chanita to the Thalang Police Station for further questioning, reported The Phuket News.

The incident concluded with Uruphong being charged with causing damage to another person’s property for smashing the bus window. Thiraphong, the bus driver, explained the incident.

“The dispute arose as a small van attempted to turn onto a narrow road just as I was pulling out onto the main road. In an attempt to allow me passage, the van momentarily stopped.”

Uruphong, the motorcyclist involved, justified his actions and admitted to resorting to destruction.

“Expressing displeasure over the sudden exit from the side street, I resorted to using my helmet to shatter a window of the bus. I argued that larger vehicles should give way to smaller ones.”

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