Chinese tourist drowns in tragic incident at Similan Islands

Photo courtesy of RTN 3rd NAC

A calamitous event unfolded on the serene Similan Islands last Friday morning, January 5, when a Chinese tourist was abruptly swept away in a drowning incident. The incident was later relayed to the public by the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) 3rd Area Command. As of yet, the current state of the victim remains unknown.

The incident occurred within the confines of the picturesque Ko Mu Similan National Park. It was around 10.45am when the RTN unit stationed in Phang Nga received an urgent call from the national park officials. They reported that a 30 year old Chinese man had been discovered in a perilous state; unconscious and unresponsive, floating in the water.

With no time to spare, the man was promptly transported to a nearby medical station located within the park. However, the severity of his condition necessitated further medical intervention. Consequently, the RTN stepped in to transport the patient to a mainland hospital via boat.

The identity of the hospital in Phang Nga which accepted the Chinese man has remained undisclosed by the officials. Moreover, no information regarding the man’s current condition has been released as of Sunday morning (January 7).

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In light of the unsettling event, the RTN 3rd Area Command issued a cautionary statement. They urged both residents and tourists to remain vigilant of potential dangers during sea trips. The navy emphasized their availability for assistance round the clock, encouraging individuals to reach out to them at their 1696 hotline in times of need.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential perils that may lurk beneath the surface of seemingly idyllic tourist destinations. As investigations continue, further updates on the Chinese man’s condition are eagerly awaited by a concerned public.

In related news, a young oarsman drowned during the Phetchabun boat race celebration, casting a sombre tone over the traditional event. The community mourns the oarsman’s tragic loss.

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