Bangkok mall killer in Juvenile Protection Department amidst concerns

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The 14 year old boy, who shot two women dead and injured five others at Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, is currently under the care of the Juvenile Observation and Protection Department, according to Siripraya Worapreecha, the department’s deputy director. She revealed that the teenage boy arrived last night with his father who was deeply concerned about him.

Upon his arrival, initial discussions and mental health assessments were conducted by the institution’s psychologists, psychiatrists, and house-fathers, who were in charge of the preliminary reception. The boy is also undergoing a five-day Covid-19 quarantine.

In the coming days, continued mental health assessments will be conducted. If doctors believe he requires hospitalisation or intensive treatment (admission), a report will be prepared and presented to the juvenile court, suggesting the boy’s transfer to Galayani Vadhana Institute of Psychiatry for treatment. This is a standard procedure for any child showing signs of mental health problems.

If the boy’s mental health assessment results indicate non-critical or non-concerning conditions, psychiatrists and psychologists will collaborate to devise a treatment plan or various programs for him to participate in while awaiting court consideration.

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These activities aim to dissolve behavioural issues and develop good habits. The boy will live with other children in the Metta Home, partaking in various activities.

Siripraya added that yesterday, after initial health assessments, the boy was quite silent, possibly due to unfamiliarity with the new environment.

Killer’s father

He hasn’t expressed any desire to leave or go home, and he hasn’t been eating much. However, it’s normal for him to feel a bit anxious as everyone knows he’s been separated and might be worried about his situation. There are no unusual signs of crying or depression, he’s gradually adjusting.

When asked if the boy’s father had given any special instructions, Siripraya said that as far as she knew, the boy’s father was quite upset.

Officials from the Juvenile Observation and Protection Department yesterday explained the process of caring for the boy, and the department’s reporting procedures, which involve gathering information about the child. They also have to understand with every parent who comes to the institution about what life activities and habit development programs are available to help children develop themselves, recognise their value and not recommit the offence.

When asked if the parents can take the boy for external treatment with their doctors, Siripraya said that parents must submit a request to the juvenile court. The court will consider and issue a notification whether the request is granted, reports Sanook.

Siripraya clarified that the Juvenile Observation and Protection Department acts as a place for children who are awaiting court consideration. If the court grants the request of the parents, it will issue a document to the institution for the officials to follow the court’s order.

Parents must come to the institution to sign documents for receiving the child, which follows the procedure. Any further processes or decisions concerning the boy must be acknowledged by the juvenile court because any decision of parents that affects the child is important.

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