Another leatherback sea turtle lays eggs in Phang Nga

Today (November 27), Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat posted on his Facebook about a positive update on the leatherback sea turtle eggs at Thai Mueang Beach in Phang Nga, as it seems a new mother turtle just laid eggs on the beach and the spot is quite close along the coast to the previous one.

Dr. Thon said that the first mother turtle was 204 cm wide and 2 metres long and its chest was 52 cm wide. This time, even though they couldn’t find the turtle itself, they believe it to be 150 cm wide with a chest approximately 40 cm wide, based on the traces found in the sand.

He said that to prove if the second trace definitely comes from the new turtle, they will have to wait until the first mother turtle comes back to lay more eggs, which will predictably happen in a few days.

This time, the eggs were laid 20 kilometres south of the first batch. The first group of eggs was removed to the Khao Lampi – Haad Thai Mueang National Park area as the eggs were laid too close to the tide (20 metres). But, the second batch will be kept at the original position the mother laid them as the eggs were laid during the night above the tide line and in a safe area.

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The team of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, as well as officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, and local people, have already built a fence to protect the new eggs on the beach.

The DMCR also installed a live camera to keep an eye on the eggs 24/7.

Dr. Thon said that if this is really a second mother turtle, there is a chance that there will be up to 6 batches of eggs this time. Earlier, on November 17, local people found the 2 metre long leatherback sea turtle at Thai Mueang Beach. The mother turtle laid its 104 eggs in a 72 cm deep hole and there were 85 healthy eggs with only 19 empty eggs.

Dr. Thon also asks anyone that sees a turtle coming on the beach to lay eggs, not to go near it or take picture too close to it, especially when it’s still moving up to the sand because the turtle would hesitate and may return into the sea right away.

“Also, do not put a flash light on the turtle, do not touch it and do not let any pet/animal get near it. When seeing a turtle or a turtle trace, please contact the DMCR or the national park office in the area immediately.

SOURCE: DMCR, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) and Facebook Thon Thamrongnawasawat

Another leatherback sea turtle lays eggs in Phang Nga | News by Thaiger Another leatherback sea turtle lays eggs in Phang Nga | News by Thaiger

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